Male Companion; A Reliable and Safe Way of Fulfilling Your Sexual Desire

male companions
Sex is definitely one of the most indispensable things of human life and for me, sex is something that I cannot live without. However, I am not saying I am sex hungry and I have no other things to do in life. I am Victoria Turner, a 41-year-old British woman and a professor in a well-known business school in Birmingham.
Since my adolescence, I have lived an independent life, though my parents were very helpful and supported me a lot. I always loved my studies more than anything else and even today I never miss a single opportunity of reading books whenever get spare time. I fell in love with one of my fellow teachers and married him 12 years ago. However, we both started losing interest in our relationship and finally decided to part away two and half years after our marriage.
Believe me or not, I never engaged with any kind of sexual activities before my marriage, because I had no boyfriend in my life and never wished to fall in any kind of relationship. However, it was my ex-husband, who first took me to the world of pleasure. Though we had some ideological differences and there were some moral issues between us, I will never say that he was not good in bed. If it is all about sex then I could spend my entire life with him.
His leaving created a huge vacuum in my sexual life and I eagerly wanted him in the bed every night even after our separation. I then tried to explore alternative, but at the same time, I resolved not to think about falling in a relationship. One day I saw an advertisement of an agency providing male companions to their clients even within affordable price.
I decided to try them out and called them to hire a male escort for one night in my apartment. As per our contract, the man knocked the door at sharp 11’O clock in the night. When I opened the door, a tall and handsome man greeted me gently and confirmed his identity. I let him enter and wondered thinking about where to start from. He then preferred to prepare some drink for us, but when I told him that I do not take alcohol, he asked me whether a glass of juice would be okay or not.
Here I must say that I had no interest in spending the night in drinking and talking because I wanted to have sex with him and nothing else. I tried to make him realized that I needed him on the bed immediately by telling him I was feeling sleepy. He got my signal and guided me to the bed. I hit the bed and dragged him on it. I was burning in some kind of sensation and could not keep myself from touching his large penis. I brought the thing out of his trouser and put it in my mouth.
He then started removing my clothes one by one and touching my sensitive parts. I played with his stone-hard cock until he pushed me onto the bed and started smooching all over my body. He rubbed my tits with his soft hand and raised my sensation in extreme level. He slowly moved towards my pussy and started licking it until I pulled his dick and inserted it inside.
I was aware that male companions are highly experienced in this trend and they know every technique to seduce a woman in the bed. However, I found the man so gentle and calm and he was not even in a hurry. I liked his attitude and rated him far better than my ex-husband. This was my first encounter with a male escort and I will never forget the sense of pleasure in my entire life.
I still hire male escort whenever I feel their need because they are the only alternative in the world through which I can fulfill all my hidden desire. Male companions are affordable as well as reliable and you can call them at any time of the day even middle of night. I am grateful to them for giving me company whenever I needed them most.

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