Male companions and the female folks

Male companions and the female folks

male companionsIf you know, you know. Male companions somewhat happen to be a relative term. Some refer to Male Companions as Escorts; others would call a Male Companion a best friend, all these are more are different definitions given to a Male Companion.

However broadly speaking, Male Companions are set of males who are responsible for acting as a confidante, trusted associates, guides, partners or even as allies.

Now, for a Male Companion, nothing you do freaks him out. This applies majorly to the ladies who are fond of acting weirdly in public. Take for example, in an outing with a female friend; she could throw up when she has had a couple of drinks, or she could dance crazily or weirdly while screaming on top of her voice.

A suitable Male Companion would act calm as if nothing happened and would try to make everything in order. There have been cases where Male Companions would get insulted by a client, or even a friend, all he needs do is to keep calm and act as if things were normal. Male Companions such as these should be held onto tightly.

Also, you have the opportunity of listening to judgment of cases from a male perspective; for the ladies too, a Male Companion would be ever ready to give certain pieces of advice based on an unbiased mind. Need I remind you, that our brains are structured differently, and our reactions to issues differ broadly. As regards, the male folks, Male Companions are the best associates you would ever find, they stick closer than a brother; ever ready to back you up, they offer advice, ideas based on your interests. When it comes to pointing your faults and shortcomings as well, they would always be on the ground to make that known to you.

A Companion at the side of a lady is good for her self-esteem, especially if the Male Companions has the wanted masculine features, going back to the status quo, a lady would ever be willing to introduce you to her female folks irrespective of wherever you two may be. They feel, or she feels; in this case, that you are the presentable lot and you would never for once disappoint her, she believes you would always find the right words to say; know your limits with her friends and would always back her up when she is confronted by her peers.

Notably, Male Companions are known to stay out of drama or squabbles, publicly, they do this at first though. However, they would be sure to correct the lady and point out her flaws all in a bid to make her a better person. They would also try every possible means to mend fences between the warring parties In this sense; they are trustworthy and reliable as it is never an awkward moment when with them.

Always keep in mind that a Male Companions have your best interests at heart, he would never for once do things to hurt you, he seizes every perfect opportunity to make you smile, and it would be cold comfort if you return such favour in a cruel-like manner. Male Companions would set their egos aside just to make you happy; they could do all sorts of crazy things all in a bid to make you smile. They do not hold grudges against you; Male Companions would tell you to speak their minds at the appropriate time, all these are done to foster a more solid and fruitful relationship.

Lastly, about your outfits and even your hairstyles, be sure to get the best perspective from a Male Companion. Due to the fact that, his opinions would be honest, and his view about these physical factors at first represents the view of men folks on a large scale, unlike the female folks who would most likely give judgments based on personal feminine preferences and not something which would be conventionally accepted.

It has commonly been said that the best of perspectives are gotten from the opposite sex, as the case demands in scenarios involving choice and preference, the opinion of the Male Companion stands out

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