Male companions for hire

Male companions for hire

MALE COMPANIONSLike myself, there are lots of males out there who are looking to offer their companionship for a fee.   The difference is that I have the information they don’t. If there is any group of people that are the happiest, I tell you they are those that provide companionship to others. My journey to where I am is not a rosy one. I have had my ups and downs but each time I try to quit, I encounter another client that I give a reason to smile and then I turn to my inner self and ask, “If I quit, what will happen to these depressed souls?”

I became a male escort to ease my frustration. You know that feeling when you are young and the world seems to be at your beck and call like you hold the magic wand to make everything you need come to life but as you grow, you suddenly realise things are not as you imagined and you become both frustrated and feel betrayed. You used to wish to be king or queen but now you just struggle to survive. I have been there so I know how it really feels.

At a point some of my friends began to think I was too jobless to check on them daily – actually, I was that jobless and that was why it hurt. Whenever I got the jibe from one of my friends, “You are always in the chat, you’ve got no job?” I will ignore them and refuse to let my disgust show on my face. I liked the company of people and that was one part they ignored.

Becoming a male escort was the right combination of career and hobby. I did what I loved doing the most and get paid handsomely for it. The irony of this is that those that once accused me of idleness now complain that I rarely have their time – how will I when my time is money?

I recall vividly the last time I took a break from work to visit one of my friends. He was so pleased to see me unlike the “have you come again look”, I often got in the past. No doubt, he was living fine but I am not doing badly too and I guess he saw this in my body build and dressing. We had a great time but that was one of the few times I spend such times without getting paid for it. I am always conscious of those visits because I am aiming to build my career to a point where I will become an international figure.

My advice to people particularly youths who are still struggling financially is to find what makes them happy and build their career around it. Be it interest or talent, the world is a stage and you have to dance properly, maybe develop your dance steps to be recognised.

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