We Became Gay Escorts for Survival

We Became Gay Escorts for Survival

gay escortsI am Roger, one of the top gay escorts in San Diego. Today I will tell my story that will reveal how me and my boyfriend Mike got into this profession. It was during the late 90’s when I was living in with Mike. We were both working in a BPO firm and things were going quite smoothly. The combined yearly earning of both of us was around $100,000, which was quite decent during that time.

Neither I nor my boyfriend went to college or pursued any professional training. We were both in out mid-twenties but never felt to pursue further education because of our job. We got the job in that BPO company because that the era when the dot-com boom was in its prime. However, things are never smooth forever. Soon, the bubble busted and tech companies started adopting various cost-cutting measures. We got to know that our company has tied-up with a few call centres in India and the jobs will be outsourced. We were also handed the pink slip and then we encountered the harsh reality. We tried our best to find a new job but we failed.

Initially, we thought that it is just a bad phase, which will pass. However, days were passing fast and all those good feelings started flying away. Our savings account started dipping at a rapid speed and we realized that the days are not so far when we will struggle even to buy regular groceries.

I still remember that night when Mike came home heavily drunk. He was crying on my shoulder and saying we need to do something fast. The next day, I called up my parents and explained the situation. They even offered some loan, but it was only for me. They were not ready to accept my boyfriend. That’s when I decided that we have to do something out of the box. I was turning newspaper classifieds vigorously when I noticed a requirement that read, “gay escorts needed urgently.” After a slight hesitation, I decided to call the given number. A girl picked up the phone and asked me to visit a certain address next morning.

On that morning, I told Mike about the advertisement. Initially, he was shocked, but he too realized that we don’t have any better option. So, we both decided to give it a try. We went to the escort agency and there we saw many handsome and hunky dudes waiting for their turn. We were also in regular exercising, but since the last few months, we stopped our gym membership. This made us less confident.

Finally, I got the call to enter for the interview. One person named David was conducting the interview and he asked me why I want to become an escort. I told him about what conditions we are going through. After listening everything, he said that he want to meet Mike and called him up. After asking a few routine questions, he asked both of us that what kind of client we would be comfortable to deal with. That’s when we both looked at each other and David understood our preference. He told us that we can become gay escorts and make good money.

We knew that we both look quite attractive. We have the kind of wolf-like features and our build is athletic. Though we haven’t done anything like posing for an underwear brand or so, we knew that we can do it. We were given some sort of training and guidance on how to handle the clients. It really helped us when we started taking our initial assignments.

Though we struggled a bit initially, soon things started to become cool and we were performing like a pro. The kind of money we were making was good enough to pay off the rent and do some handsome savings for our future. After performing as solo gay escorts for a couple of years, we decided to offer service in a package. Now, both of us attend the clients together and offer various unique services like massages, stripping, etc.

After facing the harsh reality, we got the new lease of life as the escorts. Now, we understand that why we should never judge anybody.

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